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Feb. 24th, 2011



My boyfriend once shaved my ass. Since then, everytime I say he's a terrible boyfriend he just says "I shaved your ass. I'm awesome. Your argument is invalid."


Apr. 18th, 2009


(no subject)

Dec. 8th, 2008


Prime Time News

Nov. 22nd, 2008


Do you like pasta?

A man caught with his penis in a jar of pasta sauce continued "pleasuring himself" as police tried to wrestle him to the ground, a court has heard.

Keith Roy Weatherley attracted police attention when he parked in a no-stopping zone near Newcastle.

Police drew their guns, suspecting he might have a weapon, when they saw him doing something with his hands in his lap.

Instead, they discovered Weatherley partially clothed, with his genitals in a jar, a police statement said.

Weatherley saw the police and drove away, leading police on a 20km/h car chase as he allegedly continued to masturbate using the jar.

He was eventually stopped at Centenary Drive, Newcastle but refused to leave the car.

Four police officers managed to drag him from the car after using capsicum spray and their batons.

They reported Weatherley attempted to continue "pleasuring himself in between bouts of wrestling".

Police searched his car, recovering pornography, a home made sex toy, women's stockings and a Jack Russell terrier.

Yesterday in Newcastle local court Weatherley pleaded guilty to offensive behaviour, resisting police and disobeying a police direction.

He was fined $600, despite arguing he resisted arrest because he was trying to make himself "decent".


Nov. 21st, 2008


White tiger video


Nov. 20th, 2008


Touch my body

especially for those obsessed with koreans


Oct. 31st, 2008


Would you accept someone like this?


Japan is awesome.

On a happier note,
I love this advertisement from japan 


Sep. 14th, 2008


伏魔奇兵 The most awesome show on tcs

You guys just have to watch this show. Channel 8, after 2am i think.

Why is it awesome:
It is a show with metallic men because they have Silver paint on them.
The main characters have blown up size of those gundam swords (i suspect they are light sabres)
A whole lot of TCS actors that still exist today.
Computer graphics that is awesome (yellow vibrating dots as bees)
There is a song by Jackie Chan

The name of the show?
伏魔奇兵 (1994)
Ninjas In Town

This show is seriously so awesome that even people, who understand very lil Chinese (ie Iffah), and people who dont understand Chinese at all (Ie, Jill) will be totally fasincated by the awesomeness of the show.

Sep. 1st, 2008


Charlie the unicorn. And his retarded friends.


Jun. 9th, 2008


Beyond belief



poor thing... the hedgehog D=

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